Make a Product as Small as Possible

One of the lessons I keep having to relearn over and over and over again is that: a product needs to be as small as possible, doing the fewest things possible while being easy to use to solve a very real problem for a specific customer. A customer needs to come to a website and know how a problem is solving their problem with a value proposition. A brand can get muddled when it comes to that when it tries to do too many things.

One of the ideas I had was to reincorporate MakeProspect into OpsZero and Proxy into opsZero. Neither of those work. opsZero is a services brand not a product brand. Proxy3 is targeting a Web3 demographic which is adjacent to startups for now. MakeProspect is for Recruiters and Development firms.

So I’m breaking things apart. Each piece will have its focus. Or things will follow within the appropriate brand. It will make things easier to get to done. In many ways I believe this is much more valuable as it clarifies and gets things to done.

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