Consolidation and Simplification

I’m actively going through a consolidation and simplification process. This process is basically a cleansing of things that I don’t want to do and a streamlining of the things I want to pursue well. This process is basically an edit and refactor.

However, I am pursuing it in a different way than I usually do. I am working on the structure along side the execution. This site contains the structure. When I was building i just started and meddled around. There were no clear KPIs, nor an organizational structure in mind. However, an organization is as much in its structure as in its execution.

Most organizations evolve based on their structure. Their structure has a huge influence on how they evolve. A few things I have realized is that structure is determined based on capabilities, and capabilities should dictate what business you want to pursue. Things shouldn’t be done if a core capability doesn’t exist that will allow you to do it well.

The nice things about setting up the structure and having to explain it is that it really focuses the execution aspect. And if the execution aspect is wrong it means something about the structure is incorrect. There is a symbiosis that helps build both sides. If execution seems hard then the structure is incorrect. There needs to be a clear linear track with appropriate metrics met along the way.

Lastly, simplification is focusing on what you do well and maximizing that ability while sidelining everything else. We do not need to do everything and sometimes what seems easy for us is hard for others. Do the easy things for you and work to make it for others eventually. My comfort spot is command line tools. So I’ve been building a lot of command line tools. I also like using Airtable, Notion and Google Tasks. So I’ve been building extensions around those.

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