The Borg

I Borg Star Trek TNG HD.jpg

Eventually, all companies come to a point where they create a Borg-like system. Whether through microservices or otherwise. I have been doing microservices wrong. By making everything independent I was making it hard to have a central structure to pull from. A common set of APIs that tie the existing services. Each piece was working independently while not bad for a large team is detrimental for a small team. A small team needs monoliths as context switching costs become the limiting factor. As a team grows the monolith becomes a determent to getting things done so you need microservices.

My goal is to have a central as the primary monolith of the company from which all other tasks execute. This creates a central repo for all the backend and a secondary repos that work for leaf nodes. As we learn more and more those things then get reconsolidated back into the core and the leaves get smaller. This constant moving things into the core should over time lead to a consolidation of the backend that can power many different ventures. The different ventures can be written in whatever language and framework.

The benefit of this is many. First, we can have a centralized collection of scripts that can run through most any task. Second, the marketing endpoints can be written in whatever frontend framework dejour, or even nocode scripts, and can be very little actual code. For example, we can use WordPress or Webflow or what have you. Basically, I am getting out of the frontend world as much as possible and trying to use other tools to do the job for me.

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