Quarterly Planning

When you are the entrepreneur, manager and individual contributor of your own company I found that during quarterly planning that it is easy to just create a vague OKR and then proceed to ignore the decisions until the next plan. So I’ve decided to do things a bit differently this time around.

The goal is to have a plan for the entire company and treat the company as a product itself. I believe that this will result in a different way of approaching OKRs. There should be an Objective and Key Results as they are the output metrics. However, the entire project needs to be defined for how to achieve those output metrics and the projects should be split piecemeal to achieve those outcomes.

OKRs then aren’t something vague, but constitute the input metrics of the tasks that need to be done to create the output. So project planning should take much longer and should not be a day but carefully planned for all parts.” With clear expectations of the outcome.

What this also means is that releases are a bit different. Instead of releasing everything at will it is better to release everything all at once. The release date becomes a finish line for the project and orients everyone toward the common goal.

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