Vision & Values, Investing, Value

These three things are distinct functions. Each part is part of a hierarchy. To build the long term requires focusing on these three.

Vision & Values

The vision & values are personal. They come from a personal belief and not something that can be separate from a person. Sure others have to agree with them as well but it is usually a person that sets up the core belief in the first place.

I’m working on this completely through Roam Research and a Word doc.


Investing is the next step which is a higher level than the vision & values. It defines what we spend time on and how to do it. The big three I’ve focused on are Business, Jiujitsu, Cooking. This can be different projects. For Jiujitsu and Cooking it is just through Roam on a Word doc.

For business it is a git repo, word doc and a spreadsheet.


The last part is value. These can be expressed in different ways. Jiujitsu and Cooking are at the gym.

Business can be any set of mechanisms that deliver the value for which we are providing. So one size doesn’t fit all.

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