Sales and Value Delivery

These are the two things that I am good at and have expertise doing. Marketing, Value Creation and Finance are nor something we are quite good at yet not is it something we want to devote a lot of energy to. Why focus on these two?

Value Delivery is something people are struggling with. Everyone wants to be a value creator but at the end of the day you need someone to do the implementation and answer the questions. If there can be ways to reduce the cost of this by creating process and reducing cost it can be a win.

Sales is something we are good at as we will be selling based on a market need. Marketing and etc. Likely can be done by others or we can generate data sheets etc but our goal is selling to people who already have the problem.

We may also focus on value creation. It seems the most successful companies in the world or the top ones are companies that are value delivery and value creation minded. They don’t really do sales and marketing and rely on word of mouth or other means to gain traffic. They may also use some finance power.

Three question is if that is a goal to achieve towards.

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