First Draft

This blog is where I think through ideas and figure out what the best way to approach a problem. A first draft of an idea if you will. As part of this I noticed that I like to write full blown essays that cover the problems that I am trying to solve. Something missing has been an overarching Vision, Values and Investment essay that covers how I do a business. I’ve had pieces and those pieces while useful are not in any way cohesive. They don’t get to the end goal or give a picture of the end goal.

To fix this I have started collecting my ideas into a single place a document that will encompass my entire business and how to go about launching and running a business. The goal of this document is to be my investment guide where I collect and organize my thoughts. A place that will go through multiple drafts and constantly updated.

In the end a business is an essay and having a single well organized doc that functions as the essay would be the most useful. The way it works will be the following:

  1. We work on it real time
  2. Every quarter we publish the version we have so we can have a running tally of how well we have performed and to have archival setup.

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