No Synergies

I keep thinking yeah shared resources between ideas. Sound awesome and we can waste less money. I’m realizing more and more that this may be a bad idea. While shared resources for things that can easily be split is good at the end of the day a company should be primarily isolated from another.

So why no sharing of resources?

The primary reason is that each unit needs to be self organized. It needs its own CRM, team and development cycle. It cannot be combined with another because what ends up happening is that having multiple companies using the same resources constraints the organization from trying something new or different and you are then limited to how the primary organization behaves.

For example having a CRM that is shared by multiple organizations is a terrible idea. Selling a product for say cloud computing doesn’t fit the same model as selling for sales people. They are two different markets who behave different and need to be treated differently.

Sure costs can be saved by having a single setup of a CRM instead of multiple but the costs are paid in terms of complexity of implementation.

A single threaded implementation of a project is much better than a multithreaded because it simplifies how an implementation can be optimized for a particular purpose. If you have a multithreaded implementation it will never be great and everyone will be pissed off.

When a project is single threaded you can optimize for the resources of that singular project.

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