A Nevous System

As opsZero evolves to be a single site I am realizing more and more I need to connect everything together. This means building a nervous system for opsZero which connects all the tools that I use into a single cohesive whole. This is the plan for Q4 is how do I connect each of these pieces into a cohesive vertically integrated system that starts from customer acquisition to delivering value.

The question is why do this? Why a single system versus multiple microservices. The answer is opsZero is still small and a single unified system that works as a unit is better than having multiple services each working independently of each other as it allows to test and add and change things versus a microservice architecture where the APIs have to be stable which slows down progress.

The final goal of this is that for the most part almost parts of the company will be run through the Platform. Each people will be assigned a piece of it and we will work to optimize each piece so our delivery is faster.

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