Restandardizing on Ruby

Well I decided to restandardize on Ruby for all opsZero code and move back to a monolith. Microservices are great and work well but when you are small switching between them causes a lot of issues. You need a mental shift to maintain each one in essence. This is highly annoying as it feels like each service isn’t going after the same goal. Each service acts independently.

One of the goals I have for opsZero is to work on it instead of in it. This requires thinking of all the pieces of the company and bringing on people to take care of each of them. While I could work on multiple projects in different languages this would just cause a headache because each piece isn’t integrated as a whole.

OpsZero is still a two pizza team so having multiple services doesn’t make sense. It likely won’t make sense to have multiple services until we are much much bigger.

Further we will be able to test and build against the tools we have as an integrated nerve system.

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