Deletion Mindset

One of the things I have been doing the last couple of months is what I dub a deletion mindset. What are the fewest activities that can be done to create the most optimal return. It means really focusing on deleting things or looking at things for how they xan be consolidated into other things.

So why is this mindset useful? Most of the time people are looking to add things. Additive mechanisms have the fault that they add complexity. When you remove things you reduce complexity not only in mindset but also in terms of approach. When you are constrained you tend to have a better approach to solving a problem than if you were to just solve them with all the resources in the world.

So what are the constrains that I have?

I am focusing on DevOps businesses, Jiujitsu and cooking in my personal life.

I am focusing on Crowd, Platform, Prospect, and Capital as the four major ways of running OpsZero.

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