Buyer vs Builder

There are certain people who find buying companies a joy and then figuring out how to fix them up and either hold onto them forever or sell them. Others, like me, are more interested in building from scratch figuring o it how to run it well and then move to build the next thing.

I’ve kept thinking I was a buyer but I’m a builder. Being a builder is actually quite a bit less profitable. When you are a buyer you can take other people’s work and start from 1. When you are a builder you actually start from 0.

We need both people. Some people itch to build and others itch to maintain. I realize that I’m not much of a buyer. I rather build and completely control what I build. Then once I’m done give it to others to maintain.

So I will no longer be focused on trying to buy companies and instead figure out how to build them quickly, repeatably and cheaply as possible. This is Parking.

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