Business Should be In and Out

It is easy to start doing too many things. You get blind sighted by the opportunity and think why not. I make this mistake more often than not. But I suppose the model to follow is really In and Out.T

They offer few things, they have some variation which they keep hidden but you can ask like animal style. Their operation for delivery is standardized with every person doing a singular task well. Lastly, before delivery there is a person checking to ensure that the end product fulfills everything a customer ordered. This is essentially a perfect business.

Building a company like In and Out is a different story. You have to say no to things even though you may have to give up revenue. You have to say no because when you make things adhoc you have to take the guy working the fries and move him to a client doing god knows what. This doesn’t work well and the operation falls apart because now the normal customers don’t get their fries on time.

So I’ve been cutting everything to the essence. DevOps is only provided for people using opsZero infrastructure. APIs will be standardized using a single methodology. Makes it simple and repeatable.

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