Life is a Well Written Essay

I used to procrastinate in college writing essays the day before they were due. Wordy sentences to meet the minimum length, fudging with the margins, and finding quotes to support what I wanted. I got it delivered on time but I was never happy with them. As I’ve gotten older one of the things I realize is quantity doesn’t matter. When you are writing an essay for your life you can add endless quantity of things that you are subpar.

One of the primary things I have been doing this year is focusing on quality. I am no longer wanting to do everything. I am no longer wanting to add quantity. I am looking to cut things, to get to the essence of things and be happy with the end result.

This means deleting, removing things that don’t bring me happiness. This means removing things that are not useful to the end goal. This means removing unnecessary quotes, sentences, etc.

Thus far it has afforded me clarity of mind. I hope that continuing on this trajectory by removing more and more things will result in further clarity.

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