Business, Jiujitsu, Cooking

These are the three things I’ve decided to focus my time on. But what is business. Business needs to be whittled down as well. opsZero started as a devops company, but I soon started incorporating everything under the sun. However, this is not a way to build something meaningful. To build something meaningful means to cut out stuff that are not necessary.

opsZero will only focus on DevOps, Kubernetes and APIs. I will not be doing content, I will not be doing frontend websites, I will not be doing anything like that anymore. I wanted to go through each of the reasons for this.

  1. I am just not very good at producing content at scale and it is not something I am necessarily interested in pursuing.
  2. I’m diluting myself and I cannot give full strenght to the stuff that is important because I am working on stuff that is not as important.
  3. opsZero is working on some super important things and I need to focus 100% on getting those things and working on fun stuff is less important than getting the stuff that is important out.
  4. The branding for opsZero needs to improve a lot more than it currently stands.
  5. I do not want to learn some of the content building, etc. which will distract me from the goal of just building and selling my websites.

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