Focus and Meditation

One of the major aspects of building a business is not unlike meditation in that you need hyperfocus. You need to do one thing repeatedly well. But you needs to do it with dedication towards your goal. In meditation it is nirvana. In business it is your Why.

Business is easier to measure since money plays a role. But regardless it needs to be built in a way that moves forward the goal.

I’ve finally started cutting things from my business and focusing. I am building a hyper specific business and removing everything that isn’t needed. Focusing completely on one thing.

It was a journey. I am not good at curating but as I cut things my mind just feels free. It just feels like I can get things done with a clear goal ahead of me and what that success looks like.

Steve Jobs said the hard part is saying no. I think it may go further. It is saying no and removing the things that don’t move your goal forward. Focusing on a few things and moving those goal posts forward are better than trying to do too many things. You lose track of who your ideal customer is. You loose track of your goal.

Be true to yourself and move forward with that goal.

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