Groundhog Day

I realize that Groundhog Day is likely one of my favorite movies. Every time I watch it I love it a bit more. It is just a prefect movie for the human condition.

We can’t have everything we want by coaxing others into what we want them to think we are. All we can do is help people and take care of others while everyday slowly improving ourselves. This is really happiness.

When we assume others will love us or coax them. We are doing it for us. When we do it for others by improving ourselves that is the nature of becoming better.

We can’t coax others into our beliefs.

What we can do is focus only on improving ourselves every day bit by bit. Remove the impediments that stand in our way. We can only improve by trying to do more everyday even if we don’t want to trying to seize every moment.

It is really the only way.

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