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According to The Elements of Typographic Style the use of types should be done using a scale. A scale makes the form of the type more visually pleasing. There are also different proportions to use when making the a scale.

2 / 3
3 / 4
1 / Ψ
(defun typography-scale (scale current-num upto-num)
  (if (> current-num upto-num)
    (cons current-num (typography-scale scale (* scale current-num) upto-num))))

(mapcar 'fround (typography-scale (/ 1 3.14) 1 100))
  • Bootstrap CSS - At this point Bootstrap is the CSS scaffold of the web. It makes webpages look good enough and it makes it easy to built off it.
  • Subtle Patterns - Various background gradient overlays. Great for getting stuff off the ground.